Monday, 4 December 2006

Release: Recordings for Rephlex

04/12/2006 Rephlex releases Hecker's latest full lenght solo album, titled "Recordings for Rephlex" (#: CAT 181 CD)

Hénon Map & Gingerbread Man (Linear Edit) (6:26)
Pulsar Wg'lett (3:46)
Precedence (4:17)
Acid 245; Ph.Inv 9T2 (5:38)
C 04 05 I_μdd (5:02)
4G5EQ 9482592426.7531 (0:55)
In Actu (Create 7.1 Edit) (12:21)
Wippi (2:53)

Comments & Reviews:
Jaka - 31-Dec-06 01:08 AM
I have collected "electronic music" since early 1991 and now have over 4000 records and cds, just in this category. From Xenakis to Autechre - I listen to everything electronic that I can get my hands on. I also own nearly every release that Rephlex has produced thus far. I felt the need to preface this comment with that information because I believe this to be the single most pointless "thing" that Rephlex has yet released (topping Lektrogirl with EASE!). It's not music, by any means. You could call it "experimentation", if you like to experiment with ramming sewing needles in your ears while machines bleep and blare aimlessly around you at deafening levels. I honestly did not find ONE second of this release to be enjoyable. Ya know those "noise" tracks on the AFX Men releases? Extend that silliness over 35 minutes or so and you'll be getting close. There's a bit more variety to these tracks, but they're still ear splitting nonsensical noise. Now, if this is your thing, great! You should pick this up with a quickness. But if you're looking for some good old-fashioned Braindance, this ain't it.

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