Friday, 18 December 2020

Release: cd_slopper pfanscotcoe

18 December 2020: cd_slopper pfanscotcoe is released via SUPERPANG – digital download

cd_slopper: pfansco

tcoe 1.dqawa wumple

x-ƕ 2.dqawa wumplex

-Ɩ 3.dqawa wumplex-

Ɨ 4.dqawa wumplex-Ƙ

5.dqawa wumplex-ƛ 6

.dzlorpity-ƕ 7.dzlo

rpity-Ɩ 8.dzlorpity

-Ɨ 9.dzlorpity-Ƙ 10

.dzlorpity-ƛ shop a

nd place by the art

ist with support by

the inland urdfnast

blat 2020 1369313MS

more information & access here